Land title Consultancy Referrals

Consultancy Services to the Legal Profession

As lawyers, we all know the complicated land law theories, ideas, principles and rules. Few of us immerse ourselves entirely in land law to the extent that I have. My detailed and expansive knowledge of the land law of New South Wales is rooted in my many years as a Senior Legal Officer (14) at the NSW Land Registry Service (then the LTO and LPI) and pre-professional work beginning as a title searcher and conveyancing settlement and registration clerk.

I have had clients who have come from other more generalist solicitors and accredited specialists in other areas of the law at their wits end and out of pocket on wasted legal costs.

You'll get none of that from me. I am able to quickly and competently work out solutions to land title problems of any kind.

Conveyancers and Property Lawyers

There are in fact only a dozen of so of the 20,000 solicitors in NSW who have the experience of directly administering the Real Property Act 1900 at the very highest executive level, as well as all  related laws. I am one of them. 

My duties included deciding whether a caveatable interest existed to full hearings in the Equity Division of the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

And I am happy to take consultancy referrals on any land title problem that might arise in the course of a conveyance, subdivision or any title dispute and I invite my colleagues in the legal profession as well as conveyancers, strata managers and anyone whose problems turn on the finer obscure points of property law to get in touch with me if assistance is required.

I can ordinarily provide an advice or opinion is a relatively short time thus adding efficiencies to these processes when they become problematical.