Additional General Legal Services

In addition to expertise in land title and mortgage defaults, Wright Law & Justice provides general legal services. 

Wills Probate & Administration

As lawyers, we have seen many cases of intestacy (no will) that has left a multitude of complex problems including land title and property issues that have gone on for many years and cost a great deal of money. That's why lawyers recommend that you make a will.

Probate is proving the will to the Court. Administration occurs when no will is left. 

Enduring Power of Attorney & Advance Health Care Directives

Our population is ageing. The incidence of incapacitating mental illness is increasing, as is that of early dementia.

An Enduring Power of Attorney and an Advance Health Care Directive can only be made while one is of sound mind 

Employment Law

Unfairly dismissed? Not getting your proper pay? Bullied? These are all employment law matters within the scope of this practice. I have appeared in Federal Circuit Court full hearings on behalf of the worker.

Problems with the Government

Relationships between citizens and the Government in Australia have always been intense. Bureaucrats don't do their job properly and cause all sorts of grief for citizens.

One of my primary missions as a lawyer is to stand with citizens in their often contentious dealings with the Government.

If you are having troubles with ANY government agency, let me know please.

No Criminal , Immigration or Family Law

These are the areas not included in this practice's services.