Learn Land Title Searching


1. Land Title Investigation & Analysis Online Learning Course

Wright Law & Justice offers this course, Land Title 1.01, as a community legal education program accessible to anyone. The principal of Wright Law & Justice, Warren L. Wright BA LLB, has 4 decades of experience in title searching and has taught land title searching, investigation and analysis to TAFE students studying towards the Advanced Diploma in Conveyancing, a course that entitles practice as a conveyancer in NSW. CLICK HERE FOR FULL COURSE DESCRIPTION 

2. Fee

Course fee is $550 including registration and enrolment, GST, materials, online interaction with the teacher, examination and certification.

3. What good is it?

Firstly, learning land title searching, investigation and analysis from an experienced and knowledgable legal practitioner most expert in land law and land title, is not an easily accessible facility. 

Secondly, a Certificate from a professional expert in land title stating that you have passed Land Title 1.01 is an addition to your CV as evidence of capacity and motivation for highly technical specialised skills, extra effort at personal development and proof of your exceptionality that will put you head and shoulders above the rest. It would be most useful for those seeking a gateway into the legal sector. It is a valuable paralegal skill. And perfect contextual knowledge for a conveyancing clerk or student.

4. How is the course structured and administered?

The course consists of 8 modules covering the essentials of title searching:

  1. Introduction to the Land Title System
  2. The Real Property Act 1900 (NSW)
  3. The Title Search
  4. Estates and Interests in Land
  5. Plans
  6. Crown Land
  7. Old System (Common Law)  
  8. Strata Title

5. Assessment

1. A multiple choice test at the conclusion of each module counts for 5% of assessment (total of module test 40%). You must gain a pass of 3/5 in each module test. Up to 3 re-sits can be done but an additional fee of $22 is payable for each re-sit.

2. A final exam counts for the remaining 60% of assesment. You must gain a 75% pass in the final exam. One re-sit is permitted but an additional fee of $55 is payable in this instance.

3. Appeals You may always appeal an assessment mark. No fee applies for an appeal. The appeal decision in entirely within the discretion of the course administrator and is final.

6. How do I enrol?

First, register. No fee applies. Contact Us and let us know if you wish to register and you will be sent a registration form.

Second, pay the fee. As previously disclosed, the course fee is $550 payable upon confirmation of registration and in advance of commencement of Module 1.

In exceptional cases, you may apply to pay by instalment. If you wish to apply to pay by instalment, then please do contact us and let us know your circumstances. Proof of economic hardship is the only ground upon which such an application may be made.