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I bring to my practice nigh on 40 years experience working in the sector. My core knowledge and expertise is land law, land title & registration. 

I was a Senior Legal Officer at the New South Wales Land Titles Office (now Land Registry Services) for 14 years making determinations under the entire Real Property Act 1900.

I have a detailed knowledge of the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015, relevant parts of the Conveyancing Act 1919 and all other significant land legislation.

I was the Property Rights Adviser to the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor and Post-conflict Land Records Reconstruction Researcher to the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements.

I have worked in the New South Wales, Indonesian, Bangladeshi and East Timorese land administrations.

I have taught land title investigation and analysis and reform of land administration systems at tertiary level  (TAFE and UNSW)

I have authored numerous land-related articles and my work is cited many times in other academic works. 

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Land Title Searches & Reports

Order and Receive Title Search Online

Order a title search online through Wright Law & Justice. You will need the title reference or the street address. Receive the title search in your inbox. Standard fee of $44 inclusive of broker fee, GST & government charges.

Order Expert Title Examination Report

In addition to a title search, Wright Law and Justice also provides a unique expertise in land title search examination reports. Basic Report fee $110 incl. 

As a title searcher with 38 years in the industry, including 12 years as Senior Legal Officer at the New South Wales land title registration office, this our firm has unique insight into and comprehension of title searches. Principal Warren L. Wright BA LLB has taught Land Title Investigation and Analysis theory and practice at tertiary education level.

A Land Title Examination Report sets out a summary of critical information from the search, an analysis and any recommended further investigation of title if issues are present. Any issue can be addressed by  Wright Law and Justice. 

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