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Professional Expertise

Land Law

The core of my professional knowledge and experience is land law; land title problems and their resolution.

Please see my CV for particulars of experience.

Real Property Act 1900

As a former senior official in the administration of the Real Property Act 1900 for 14 years, I know this legislation very well, including applicable policies and practices.

 I am happy to consider any matter arising under the Act or related legislation.

Adverse Possession

A principal focus of my practice is the adverse possession of land; either common law or statutory title. If you believe there is a case of adverse possession and seek guidance on that, please contact me. 

Title Searching, Examination & Analysis

I have been searching titles for about 37 years. I have taught title investigation and analysis at TAFE and am in a position to provide a quality title search report that completely elucidates the title and where necessary its history back to the Crown grant.

Easements & Encroachments

A recurring theme in my practice is easements, particularly in respect of encroachments.  If you have an encroachment or an existing registered easement, please contact me for a complete advice service on easements from creation through to cancellation.

Plans of Survey

Plans are a constituent element of the Real Property Act Register.  Examining and interpreting cadastral data from a plan of survey is an additional skill that I acquired during my employment with the land title registration authority and I can advise on most matters arising from plans; whether they be old system plans, deposited plans, strata or community plans or any other kind of registered plan. Feel free to contact me if you have a question arising from a plan of survey.

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