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Wright Law & Justice operates as far as possible via the internet. Most of the traditional methods of paper documentation, travelling and attendances at glamorous lawyer's offices; and substantial costs, are no longer justified. Your time is precious, so is your hard earned income. As a virtual law firm, Wright Law & Justice provides most expert time & cost-efficient legal services. Contact Us for a friendly chat and, if I can help you, an estimate.

Land Title Expert

  • Land title problems are vexing and distressing. Land title problem solutions are ordinarily expensive as much research is necessary for generalist lawyers to find solutions. 
  • As a former senior legal officer at the New South Wales Land Titles Office for 14 years, I have highly specialised skills on the resolution of title problems and the bureaucracy .
  • I have a unique in-depth knowledge of the entire Real Property Act 1900 (NSW) and such laws in all Australian jurisdictions. 
  • Whatever you problem is, I can efficiently and quickly find a solution to your distress. 
  • Get LPI requisitions fixed 
  • Problems with caveats, possessory titles, court orders, leases, mortgages, transfers, old system conversions, removal of cautions and limitations, Crown lands, priority notices and claims against the Torrens Assurance fund in the event of loss of title by fraud are just some of the areas I specialise in.
  • Contact me today and get your peace of mind  about your valuable property restored.

Mortgage Default Notices

  • When you're behind on your mortgage, your bank will chase you and has the power to sell your property if you don't make things right. 
  • I have a decade of experience in mortgage default notices and can ease your pain and help get you back on track with the bank or walk away and minimise your costs and liabilities. 
  • Remember, even if the bank does sell your home, you may still owe them money. I will guide you through the entire default process, which ever way it goes. Time is against you so try to get in touch with me before your time is up. mortgage defaults foreclosure lawyer

General Legal Services at Reasonable Cost

  • In addition to my specialist knowledge and experience in land title and mortgage default as a former LPI legal officer, if you need help getting your documents registered at LPI, let me know and I will help you get through to registration where ever possible.
  • Finally, if you need a will, power of attorney, help with debts, documents witnessed, employment problems, company title issues or other matter, don't hesitate to contact me for a quick initial free consultation.